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Traditional Indian Games

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  • Adu Puli Aatam (also called The Tiger and … Rs.250
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    This is a two-player game of skill, strategy and thinking like chess. There are 3 tigers and 15 goats. The tigers try to kill the goats while the goats try to corner the tigers so they cannot move. This is a game requiring concentration and planning. …
  • Paramapadam (also called Snakes and Ladders, … Rs.800
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    Out Of Stock Parama Pada Sopanam means Steps to the Highest Place (where Parama Pada means highest place and Sopanam means steps). This is a traditional version of the popular game of Snakes and Ladders. The game was believed to be symbolic of a man’s a…
  • Pallanguzhi (Also called A Cup and Coin … Rs.900
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    Out Of Stock   Played on a wooden board with 14 cups in it, this is a game of distribution and counting. Variations of the game appeal to different ages and make it challenging and exciting. While Pallanguzhis were traditionally made of wood, our c…
  • Kattam Vilayattu 3 (Also known as Noughts … Rs.150
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    Out Of Stock Kattam Vilayattu (The Square Game – Level III) The third part of the series, the object of this game is to get four coins in a row through strategy and planning. Designed to be a pocket game that can be carried around it makes an ideal t…
  • Chaupad (also called Pagade, Pachisi, … Rs.725
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    Out Of Stock Chaupad (A Traditional Indian Dice Game) Perhaps no other game is played in so many different variations all over India as Chaupad. The variations often have slight differences in the board itself, the type of pieces used or the rules and …
Showing 5 Results in Games > Traditional Indian Games Grid | List
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