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PADAMITHRA brand of therapeutic footwear

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- the store for senior citizens has recently launched PADAMITHRA brand of therapeutic footwear a range of high quality specially crafted footwear made with the best of material. The Padamithra therapeutic footwear is best suited for persons with conditions such as diabetes, blisters, bunions, corns, calluses & toenail fungus.

Diabetic Footwear Benefits: Why Use Diabetic footwear?

There are multiple benefits of using the right fitting diabetic footwear:
  • Reduces risks of developing accidental cuts and bruises on your feet.
  • Eliminates possibility of developing sore feet with wrong fitting shoes
  • Custom soles keeps your feet moist and prevents complications due to dry skin.
  • Adaptive size as per requirement for right fitting footwear.
  • Customisation to user need, drastically improving mobility of the patient.
  • Avoid complications from foot injuries that could lead to amputation.
  • Helps in reducing the symptoms of PAD (peripheral arterial disease).

What footwear Should Diabetics Wear?

A diabetic patient must be extra cautious while choosing the right type of footwear. PADAMITHRA offers diabetic footwear that does not comprise on standards required. Choose diabetic footwear that fits right. Many diabetic footwear come with a removable orthosis. Orthosis is shoe inserts that help to keep your feet inside in the correct position and will include components such as arch supports, wedges and heels based on the shape and size of the patient’s feet.

Features & Specification of PADAMITHRA Diabetic Footwear:

  • Light Weight fabrication (250-260 gms/pair) for prolonged wearing comfort
  • Anti-skid soles made from EVA • MCP insoles as recommended by DFSI
  • Fabric Uppers crafted from materials that conform to REACH specifications
  • MCP Inner Linings with no inner seams to minimize foot irritation.
  • Adjustable, easy-to-wear design that is senior-citizen friendly
  • Easy-maintenance, washable, long lasting and cost-efficient.
  • Design made to provide lasting relief from painful foot conditions caused due to neuropathy.
  • Capability to offload pressure from stressed areas and distribute it evenly.
  • A durable design which is intentionally made flexible and lightweight for your comfort.
  • The special inclusion of MCP foot bed providing additional comfort and stability to your feet.
  • Outsole made with extra durable EVA providing additional grip on slippery surfaces.

Reduce pain, improve comfort, prevent foot injuries, enhance mobility, improve sleep.

Step out with confidence.

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