Back Support – Back Buddy Standard (HC1)

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It features a lumbar pillow, which fits snugly into the curve of your back and provides extra cushioning at the required area.

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Back Support – Back Buddy Standard (HC1) from Transval is made from vibration and energy absorbing polyurethane foam with spring steel vertical and horizontal wire frame, this is the perfect backrest for you at your office, home or while driving.

Back Support – Back Buddy Standard (HC1) is Ideal for back pains

It’s ideal for back pains due to Disc Prolapse, Vertebral Fracture, Degenerative lumbar Disease, Osteoporosis, Paget’s disease, Occupational Backache, Soft Tissue Affliction, Injury etc.
The design is anatomically and ideal as a backrest. Moulded foam construction with built-in spring steel wire frame provides postural correction. It’s specific contour reproduces the natural curve of lower back, reducing fatigue and slouching.

Features of the product

A Back Buddy standard backrest assists users in maintaining correct posture by supporting the cervical spine. By supporting the shoulders, this anatomically designed back support helps with the natural curvature of the spine. It also reduces shoulder fatigue. Additionally, there is a lower lumbar pillow that wedges into the curve of the back. This provides the often needed extra cushioning. Moreover, it features a lumbar pillow, which fits snugly into the curve of your back and provides extra cushioning at the required area.

Directions for Use

Back Support is a support device that is easy to use. Most healthy seniors benefit from this product. You may wish to seek the assistance of a family member or caretaker if you have existing disabilities or limitations.

You can use the Back Buddy standard by following the steps below:

  1. Place the back support on the chair so that the hollow area faces you
  2. Click the lock into place after adjusting the straps based on the chair’s circumference
  3. Now you can adjust the lumbar cushion vertically to suit your comfort level
  4. Having your product in the right position will help you maintain a good posture and provide adequate back support.

Remember that this product is not meant to replace the advice of an expert doctor. In the event that you experience chronic back pain or poor posture, you should consult a doctor.

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Dimensions 42 × 13 × 53 cm

1 review for Back Support – Back Buddy Standard (HC1)

  1. Naren Somadev

    The wedge pillow can be used for many purposes, but is most often recommended by doctors to help with back pain. I found this product very useful.

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