Disposable Adult Diaper Liberty Eco – Large

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Disposable Adult Diaper Liberty Eco – X Large (Tape Style Diaper) is useful for Moderate to Heavy Incontinence and is suitable for Bed Ridden Patients.

The type of diaper you choose depends on the level of mobility. As patients with incontinence suffer from mobility issues and are often bedridden, they need a caregiver or assistance for their day-to-day activities. For such people, tape-style diapers are the best choice. However, it requires some assistance to wear tape-style diapers.

Tape Style Diaper :-

  • For wearing tape style, user need to lie on bed in order to seek help from the care giver’s (which gives them feeling of sick or like baby)
  • After wearing tape style diapers, users usually prefer to urinates in the diaper itself even if he/she had intention to go to toilet due to concern of following the whole process of wearing again.
  • Tape style diapers are big and bulky and can clearly be seen from outside clothes.
Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 25 × 23 cm


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