Soma Light-Weight Wheelchair – Large Wheels (SM100.3)


This is a light-weight, Aluminium alloy wheel chair with self-propelling larger wheels.  Ideal for a person with some upper body strength.


  • ultra lightweight
  • latest stylish design
  • foldable backrest with hand brake
  • weight: 13kg
  • max user weight: 100kg
  • 17″ seat width


  • Elliptical frame
    The unique and stylish elliptical design frame not only strengthens the rigidity on frame but also saves a lot of energy during operation for both users and helpers.
  • Integrated seat system
    Hammock effect free seat system for those intensive wheelchair users. The innovative, durable seat system design makes you easy to disassemble seat upholstery for cleaning.
  • Energy-saving tipping lever
    It’s ergonomic design provide helpers a higher energy-saving function and support casters over obstacle like a threshold or a curb.
  • An secure non-slip footplate
    An non-slip and ergonomic footplate design provides you a stable and comfortable base for placing feet
Weight 29.2 kg
Dimensions 90 × 22 × 80 cm


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