Toilet Raiser 4″


A typical western closet is about 16″ in height. This is very low for many seniors and those with recent knee surgery. So they find it very difficult to sit down and get up from the toilet seat. The are suitable only for the most common shape – the oval.

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A Raised Toilet Seat is a device that you can place  on a western commode and fastened onto the sides using screwable clamps thus increasing the seating height. Particularly helpful for those with painful or weak knees / post knee surgery or those suffering from arthritis.

The Raiser is made from heavy duty ABS plastic making it durable with a weight bearing capacity of 135 kgs. Toilet raisers come with an option of a closing lid.

The toilet raiser is a easy to install device that can provide additional height. Made of good grade plastic, the raiser comes with a lid and simple clamps to hold it firmly in place. Easy to clean, extremely hygienic and comfortable.

Toilet Raiser: What Sizes are available ?

Generally 3 standard sizes are available 2 inch, 4 inch & 6 inch indicating the elevation each size allows. It is easy to remove & clean and is also portable.

Important: Do toilet risers suit all commode types ?

Not necessarily. The are suited for the most common shape – the oval. A few of the oval commodes that are extra wide are not suitable similarly some of the more recent models that feature a rectangular shaped commode are also not suitable.

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Weight 5.1 kg
Dimensions 41 × 16 × 39 cm
Toilet Raiser Lid 4"

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