Adult Diaper Dr. C – XL (Extra Large)


Dr. C also known as Doctors Choice is a well known brand and is of good quality.

Adult Diapers are diapers worn by elders or adults. These diapers serve the same  purpose as diapers worn by infants and children and help adults with incontinence gain complete freedom over their life.

Adult diapers are bigger in size and mostly used in case of incontinence, diarrhea, immobility and sometimes even in dementia. These diapers come in napkin form or in the shape of panties. For bedridden people it is easier to use the napkin kind of diaper, as they are easier to change and don’t require the helper/nurse to move the patient. The pullon diapers on the other hand are useful for active people with incontinence as they are easy to wear and remove (without help from anyone) and very discreet (no one will know you are wearing them).

Adult diapers contain SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer). These convert liquids into gel and arrest the flow to give a feeling of complete dryness. The contours of these diapers are crafted in such a way that it suits any kind of body. The areas other than the pad are made of stretchable materials which is light thereby reducing the weight of the diapers. The diapers come typically in packs of ten. Choose an adult diaper according to the need and size of the person using it. Look into the label for the materials used and directions for use. With careful selection you can make the optimum use of the adult diapers.

Dr. C also known as Doctors Choice is a well known brand and is of good quality.  It is one of the few brands that provide XL size.  The XL size is ideal for people with waist sizes between 45″ – 69″  (45 inches – 69 inches or 114cm – 175cm).

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 18 × 23 × 28 cm


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