Disposable Adult Diaper – Seni Air Classic-XL


All-in-one diapers Seni Air Classic are a perfect solution for people with moderate level of incontinence.

The product is imported from Europe. Seni diapers are recommended for patients with moderate incontinence. Seni products are distinguished by their breathability. Bedridden patients are at greater risk of developing chafes, skin irritations, and bedsores due to reduced air circulation. Breathable products are essential for proper air ventilation, avoiding certain skin disorders, and keeping skin healthy.

The Flexi 360° system ensures optimal adjustment to your body: the double elastic combi tapes and elastic waistband ensure freedom of movement and no pressure on the skin. A double absorbent core provides high absorbency and a feeling of dryness.

A more anatomical shape, a narrower core and skin area – a more snug fit ensures greater discretion, comfort, and a better feeling of dryness. The EDS Extra Dry System is an innovative distribution layer that absorbs moisture faster and distributes it efficiently for improved comfort.

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 18 × 23 × 28 cm


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