Patient Transfer Mat


A caregiver’s tool for daily tasks such as getting in/out of the bed, and other daily tasks such as toileting and bathing.

Sakhi Care Washable Nylon Patient Transfer Aid, Patient Sheet for Transfer, Turning, Lifting and Repositioning in Beds

Patient transfers done using suitable aids make the task easy & safe. The negative effects of immobility include cognitive impairment falls malnutrition & injuries. Sakhi Care transfer mats minimise risk and help transfer in a safe & caring way. Handling of patients is a key contributor to injury & pain among nurses’ therapists and home care givers. Sakhi Care transfer mats helps minimise risk to caregivers as a supportive handling aid. Sakhi care patient transfer mats provides a secure process for lifting transferring or repositioning

  • Help caregivers & disabled individuals stay safe at home
  • A useful aid when caring for a loved one with mobility limitations.


  • Made from strong, pliable, low-friction nylon
  • Facilitates various types of lying transfer
  • Eases the burden of lifting & shift by carers

Available in two different sizes, they are ideally used for lateral transfers or for repositioning or turning in bed.

A patient transfer mat with convenience, cost-efficiency and ease-of-use
  • Sakhi Care patient transfer mat enables safe and easy transfers of patients with limited effort on the caregiver
  • Sakhi Patient care mat is useful for re-positioning, turning, transferring and lifting patients in lying position.
  • Features non-slip grip rubberized, pre-moulded handles which allows caregiver to move the patient without discomfort and fatigue
Helps in easy movement of patients in narrow areas, building passages and staircase
  • Two sizes to choose Adult & Peadraitic
  • Heavy duty capacity (Lifts upto 100 kgs),
  • Designed home patient care of the elderly & disabled.
  • Foldable Soft Stretcher is ideal for transportation of sick and injured person in difficult circumstances
  • It is lightweight and suitable to use in compact spaces and difficult circumstances.
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 43 × 10.5 × 63 cm


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