Pull Up Pants Diaper Liberty X Large

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Pull Up Pants Diaper Liberty X Large is made of cotton like material for a comfortable feel and has a greater absorption in target area. Channels in the core helps distribute Fluid Evenly and allows easy refastening for multiple adjustments.

Liberty logo indicates freedom from adult incontinence & there by leading worry free life & hence our tagline is “Live Freely”. Patients who are relatively active i.e. who can sit walk and stand either by themselves or with support (stick/walker/human support) and have incontinence trouble, can opt for pant-style diapers. One can wear it themselves without assistance.

Liberty Pant Style Diaper :-

  • Pant style diapers can be easily worn by self just like an underwear (it brings in confidence and will to life)
  • In case of Pants style diaper if user wants to urinates in Toilet she/he can simply pull down the pants and pull it up himself without calling for support.
  • Pant style diapers have very good fitting which not only support confidence to go out in diapers but also facilitates ease of walking.
  • Pant-style diapers, in many ways, are similar to regular underwear, which maintains dignity.
Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 25 × 23 cm


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